§ 1 General provisions

The owner of http://jr-wheels.com/ is:
Address: LITEWSKA 4
REGON: 520750810

The present Terms and Conditions set out the rules for using the online store available at http://jr-wheels.com/. The goods offered by the online store are new, fully worth products covered by the manufacturers' and distributors' guarantee. The goods available at the online store are free of physical and legal defects.

The registration at the online store is optional. The registration is executed by filling in and accepting a registration form made available at one of the pages of the Store. In order to register, you must give consent to the Terms and Conditions and provide personal data marked as obligatory.

A customer can place an order without registration at the Store after having read and accepted the present Terms and Conditions. By placing an order without registration or registering in the sale system at http://jr-whels.com/ the Customer agrees to the collection, processing and use of the given data within a scope necessary for the fulfilment of the order and sales agreement.

WT SP. Z O.O. is the administrator of personal data. The consent can be cancelled and the Customer is at any time entitled to have access to the contents of his or her data and to correct or delete them. The request for data deletion means a resignation from further co-operation.

We collect, store and process user data for the purpose of purchase processing, including any further warranties, in order to provide our services, for technical administration and for our marketing purposes. The user personal data are given to third parties only when it is legally allowed, including purposes related to the performance of the agreement or settlement, or upon a user's consent. For example, service providers (like carriers, a logistics company, banks) co-operating with us receive the data necessary to execute the order and job. The data given to those service providers can be used only to perform the particular task.

WT SP. Z O.O. informs that it uses cookies on their web pages only for statistical purposes and to match the website to individual needs of users. Cookies’ settings can be freely modified in a web browser.

At http://jr-shop.com/ WT SP. Z O.O. sales goods to consumers only.
In order to ensure the safety of communication and data in connection with the services provided at the Website, the Online Store adopts technical and organisational measures appropriate to the risk level of the services provided, especially measures to prevent the acquisition and modification of personal data sent on the Internet by unauthorised people.

§ 2 Placing orders

The online store accepts order 24/7 all year long.
Orders must be placed by filling in a form at http://jr-wheels.com/. We do not accept orders sent in a way other than through the online store, such as e-mail, phone, etc. To place an order through the Online Store, you should go to http://jr-whels.com/, choose a product by executing sequential technical actions based on messages displayed to the Customer and information available at the website. The Customer selects the Goods by adding them to the cart. During Order placement – until pressing the confirming button – the Customer can modify the data entered and the Goods selected. To do this he or she should follow the messages displayed and information available at the website. When a Customer using the Online Store provides all necessary data, a summary of the Order placed will be shown. The summary will contain such information as the description of the goods or services selected, the total price and all other costs, among others. To send the Order the Customer must accept the Terms and Conditions, provide personal data marked as obligatory and press the button confirming Order placement. After placing the order, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order registration in our system. Please read the e-mail carefully and check the data it contains. If the data sent to us are incorrect, please contact the online store. The prices in the price list at the website are current gross prices. The price list shown on the pages of the store does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the trade law and does not reflect the stocks.

§ 3 Shipment of ordered goods

Cause we realize worldwide orders, shipping cost is always calculated individually during order placing, because cost depends on destination and package weight. For average order it is usually 20€ in European Union territory (excluding Poland, where it is usually 4€ because all orders are shipped from Poland). The order will not be performed and will be cancelled by WT SP. Z O.O. in the case of failure to make the payment within 14 days from the order placement by the Customer. The purchased goods are delivered to the Customers by a shipping company indicated by WT SP. Z O.O.. The purchased goods are sent to the address provided by the Customer upon order placement. Please double-check the shipment address, as WT SP. Z O.O. takes no responsibility for the incorrect one. If ordered non-customised goods are available in the store, your order will be sent within 96 hours from the moment the payment has been credited to our account or 96 hours from the order placement, when choosing the payment method – cash upon collection. If an order is paid but the ordered products are not available in the store, your order will be sent within 96 hours from the receipt of delivery of the missing product. The information on the anticipated time of the arrival of an unavailable product can be found in the specified product description. After the shipment has been completed, you will receive an automatic message with the tracking number to the email address provided during order placement. We put all our effort into proper securing of the shipped goods. The goods sent to customers are always checked for defects and damage before the packaging. Nevertheless, the recipient is obliged to check the goods for compliance with the order and defects/damage as well as draw up a damage protocol in case of any reason for complaint. If the Buyer accepts the shipment without reservation, any claims for loss or mechanical damage resulting from the transport are expired. If difficulties with checking the goods occur or if the courier refuses to sign the damage protocol, please do not collect the goods and note the personal data of the courier (name, surname and phone number), and provide this information immediately using the contact form at http://jr-wheels.com/. WT SP. Z O.O. shall not be held liable for any delay of delivery attributable to the shipping companies and resulting from chance events.

§ 4 Complaints, withdrawal from the agreement (returns), replacement of goods.

Complaints about the quantities of the delivered goods and potential damages shall be investigated by Wheel Trade, provided that they have been reported using the contact form available at http://jr-wheels.com/ not later than within 30 days from the next working day after the delivery. Quality complaints should also be reported using the contact form available at http://jr-wheels.com/. If the complaint, for reasons not attributable to the Customer, referred to in the above sections 1 and 2, cannot be reported through http://jr-wheels.com/, it can be reported in writing by registered letter to the address of WT SP. Z O.O. We reserve the right to investigate complaints within 14 days from the receipt of the complaint and if it is not possible, to inform the Customer when the complaint will be investigated within this period. The Customer should attach any document confirming the purchase of the goods to the complaint or provide information allowing to identify the Customer and the date of purchase. In case the complaint is unjustified, the goods are sent back at the customer's expense. If the Customer fails to collect the rejected complaint within 3 months from the receipt of the decision, the goods shall be disposed of. If the complaint is accepted, we return all your payments to you, including the costs of the shipment of the goods to you (excluding additional costs resulting from the delivery method selected by you other than the cheapest standard one we offer) and the costs of the shipment of the goods to us (not higher than the cheapest delivery method offered by our store). As a Consumer, you have the right to return the purchased goods to us or replace them with new ones within 14 days from the delivery. You do not have to give reasons, but we would appreciate it. We do not accept returns of goods from clearance sales or discounted due to their lower quality or a defect given by WT SP. Z O.O. The customised goods, with individual features/design made for the request of the Customer, shall not be subject to return as well. Please double-check the values for customised products. We do not accept the return of products with traces of usage unless the physical defect appears during the guarantee or warranty period. WT SP. Z O.O. shall not be held liable for defects attributable to the user/Customer. In order to use the right to withdraw from the agreement, you should inform us (WT SP. Z O.O. Litewska 4, BDG, info@wheeltrade.pl,) of your decision by an unequivocal statement (e.g. letter sent to us by post, fax or e-mail). You can use the withdrawal from the agreement template, but it is not obligatory. In order to maintain the withdrawal from the agreement period, you can send information on exercising your right to withdraw from the agreement before the end of the withdrawal from the agreement period. In case of the withdrawal from the agreement, we return all your payments to you, including the costs of the shipment of the goods (excluding additional costs resulting from the delivery method selected by you other than the cheapest standard one offered by us) immediately, not later than within 14 days from the day we were informed of your decision to exercise the right to withdraw from the present agreement. We will reimburse the payment using the same payment method as the method used by you in the original transaction unless you agreed to any other solution; in any case, you will not pay any charges related to this reimbursement.


§ 5 Final provisions.

The information on the products in our online store (especially the descriptions and prices) do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. When placing an order using the mechanisms available at the store, the Customer places a purchase offer of the given goods under the conditions specified in the product description. The issuance of the final sale document (receipt or commercial invoice) is the moment of the conclusion of the sale and purchase agreement. The availability periods of the products being out of our stock are shown by WT SP. Z O.O. at the online store based on the information given by our suppliers. We make our every effort to keep the deadlines, nevertheless, WT SP. Z O.O. is not responsible for any delays in the availability of particular products attributable to our suppliers or other chance events (e.g. delays of delivery attributable to shipping companies). The login and password to the online store are intended exclusively for the entity that received them. Providing third parties with the login and password is forbidden. By purchasing a product in our company, regardless of the order placement method, you accept the present Terms and Conditions. The up-to-date Terms and Conditions of Sale can be found at the online store. The present Terms and Conditions of Sale have been effective since July 01, 2020. WT SP. Z O.O. can change the Terms and Conditions informing the registered users and Customers. The changes take effect from the moment they are published at the online store. The changed Terms and Conditions or their individual changes are applicable to order placed after their publishing. The Polish law is exclusively applicable to order processing, sale process, delivery, invoices, complaints, defect and responsibility for the goods sold, and to any other issues and obligations related to the order processing and the co-operation with the customer. Any disputes arising between JR-Wheels.com and the Customer shall be settled by the competent court according to the provisions of applicable regulations of the Civil Procedure Code. In any matters not covered by the present Terms and Conditions, the regulations of the Civil Code, the Act of May 30, 2014, on consumer rights and other applicable regulations of the Polish law shall apply.