To upgrade your car simply and with maximum effect, rims can be the most visually impressive solution. As one of the main components of a car for functionality, if the wheels are off balance or slightly damaged, performance can be impeded. This means that premium alloy wheels, manufactured to the highest standard, can be an important investment. Here at JR-Wheels, we prioritise legally compliant manufacturing processes above all else via rigorous engineering for unrivalled excellence and safety.

We offer a host of stunning, high-quality rims, but before you peruse our range, take a look at the important information below.

Wheel Design Process

Optimum design starts at the very beginning. With the function of the wheel defined and an understanding of best practices, specifications can be combined for the proper construction and performance of the final product.

Manufacturing of Alloy Wheels

JR alloy rims adhere to the strictest manufacturing requirements and are produced via the gravity, low pressure casting method and flow forming as well.

Endurance and Certificates

Only the highest quality base materials will ensure the durability and lifespan of the rim, so more and more JR-Wheels models come with a TÜV certificate to demonstrate extensive testing including:

Radial fatigue test - to simulate how lateral forces act upon wheels during cornering.

Rolling test - mimics the wheel load when driving straight ahead.

Impact test - demonstrates the effects ofwheel contact against the boardwalk.

A final trial ride to certify correct offsetting, tire fit and more.

Cleaning and care

To maintain rims, proper wheel care should be adopted. Avoid abrasive cleaners and those with aggressive chemical compositions to preserve quality. When storing, clean rims first, keep in a cool, dry environment and carry out spot cleaning with a soft cloth when necessary.

Wheels repairing

Warranty claims can be voided during repairs if welding, engraving, etching, grinding and excessive heat is used, so repairs are strongly advised against here at JR-Wheels.


With our product strategy in mind, JR-wheels aims to distribute high-quality rims that comply with world-class industry standards for quality. All of our products are exposed to extensive testing to maximise staying power, no matter if they are TUV certified already or not.

Quality control starts at the design phase and continues through manufacture (many of our production partners are TUV certified), with continuous testing for specifications, materials and more. We also implement factory exit checks once everything is finalised, to guarantee density and perfect condition with no visible defects, blemishes, or inclusions.

Buyers can be safe in the knowledge that all of our products undergo comprehensive stress tests before they leave the shop. We also employ modern distribution methods, to further secure the products you receive.

From the most extensive testing protocol, to a consistent commitment to stunning design and supreme quality; we not only meet the demands of our customers, but we also surpass them with an outstanding level of engineering and manufacture at every level.